Transits & Progressions

Evolutionary Astrology Transits and Progressions

Life is filled with cycles, beginnings and endings, throughout our life time we do many dances with the planetary patterns as they weave their way around our chart. During this time we are offered opportunities to grow and tools to help us get there, the planets movement through the sky and touch us in many ways, challenge us to get out of our comfort zone and rise up and strengthen our souls quest.

The movement of the planets through sky are based on exactly what we need at any moment of time. The gods are called in to support us with what we are now ready to work with, they are showing up to offer us their gifts of wisdom and insight! Not always easy, but certainly necessary.

This chart is recommended during periods that we may be finding challenging and be looking for clarity around what is being asked of us, and how we can receive these gifts as part of our healing and respond in the most positive way for our evolution.

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