Nodal Analysis

Evolutionary Astrology Nodal Analysis

The Birth Chart is not a random occurrence, where planets, signs and houses fall anywhere, with no reason or purpose. We chose our charts based on the experiences of our soul and everything we need to repeat this time around. During this session, we will feel our way through the soul’s journey which encompasses many life times, we will focus on our past life feeling memory and the soul’s journey into this life time and the patterns we have chosen to work with, and what experiences our soul has asked for to help us reach this life time’s fullest potential.

Put simply, karma is repetition, so what have we asked to repeat in this life time? What is it that we are now ready to work with and on that we have not been unable to resolve in previous incarnations? The Karma that has ripened and we are ready to continuing the healing.

This is a profound look at our past life essence and heart memory and the way forward this time around.

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