Solar Fire Training

Join Rhonda and Lisa to get the best use of this amazing astrology software, Rhonda has many years of experience and her friendly approach means these sessions are not only informative but also enjoyable.

Solar fire part one and two will see us covering the following information

  • Setting up Preferences
  • Creating display point sets
  • Open, create and save charts
  • Good chart file management
  • Explore chart and display options
  • Creating dynamic reports
  • Explore the view chart window
  • Dynamic charts
  • Chart and electional search functions
  • Graphic Ephemeris
  • Calendar


April 14th – Solar Fire part one

April 28th – Solar Fire part two*

May 26th – Astro cartography

June 23rd – Astro Gold

July 21st – Solar Fire


10am to 11.30 am AEST

*9.00am start


$35 per session

Zoom link will be sent after registration

Session will be recorded