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Working with the Solar Return chart – Hip Hip Hooray

Working with the Solar Return Chart is a magical way to gain insight and understanding into what the spotlight may be on this year, the arena that it may be played out in, and what internal changes may come about due to these offerings.

Solar returns can be worked on independently, but in my experience the richest images come from comparing both charts (Natal and Solar) to gain a true experience of what this year will offer you in relation to where you are at on your cosmic journey so far

We will work on our most current Solar Returns during this 6 week period.

Working With The Chart

The Bigger picture of Synthesis

Astrology is a vast and rich topic that is like an endless jigsaw puzzle! It is a complex subject, but that is not to say it needs to be complicated.  Astrology is like a road map, and like most maps, when we learn to read them properly, we can navigate ourselves to the exact point in which we are heading.

Now, this seems to be where we come to cross roads, how do we read the map or speak the language, how do we interpret the meaning in a way that is supportive to those we are guiding, how do we get out of our heads and trust the symbols!  During our time together we will look at just how to join all the dots in a way that is both simple yet profound.

Working with the 4th, 8th and 12th Houses

The 4th, 8th and 12th houses can be very much “misunderstood” areas of the Astrological story, these 3 stages of life are invaluable pieces of understanding when it comes to the family systems and ancestral achieves that lies within the mystery of our family stories.

As we submerge ourselves in the familial terrain, we gain insight into not only our place in the family but the soul of our family and ancestral legacies.

Over the course we will navigate these houses through diving into the waters of family soul and uncover some of the jewels on offer from the wise souls that have gone before us.

Asteroid Goddess 10 Week Course

In this exciting journey we will make friends with the asteroid goddesses and learn how to integrate them in our lives and those of our clients.

We will create connections with Hygieia, Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas as well as two others to be disclosed at the beginning of the course. Looking at their cycles and patterns, collective and personal influence as well as understanding the stories they weave in our charts and how we can present these when working with others.

Get ready to gain new understanding into these ancient guides as each week we work with our own charts as well as some wonderful chart examples, allowing us to apply what we are learning each week. A work book, chart examples and recordings will be provided.

The Alchemy of Plants and Planets – 10 Week Course

Combining the power of as above so below we can make magic can happen! In this 10-week course we will explore the signatures of the flowers gaining understanding into their energetic make up and imprints. We will explore the first three chakras and their relationships to these flowers, as well as gaining clarity into the correlating Astrological archetypes and their patterns in relation to the flowers and chakras. Over the 10 weeks, we will explore how to work creatively with essences both independently as well as combining the astrological archetypes that match these vibrations.  We will consider many elements of these two ancient crafts by working on incorporating our intuition, feelings wisdom and knowledge.

For this level one course an enthusiasm to learn is essential, as basic knowledge of astrology may be an advantage but is not essential.

Course includes workbook with notes, live face to face group sessions (recording provided) and a flower essence and journal to use over the course of the ten weeks.

Working with the Nodal Story

Working with the Astrological Nodes in the chart is like accessing a portal, a place that taps us into our souls journey and the place in the cosmos that connects us to a greater sense of our divine self.

The Nodes symbolise the feeling memory or heart memory that we bring in with us and imprints that we bring forward to work on in this life time, what is it that we need to repeat so we can grow during this incarnation. Approaching the chart in this way is like a bullseye to the core Soul concerns and resolutions.

Each month we will conduct a session to discover just how to create this approach in a way that is supportive and healing for ourselves and those we are working with.


  • $450 per module (5 or 6 sessions per module)
  • This includes notes, charts and recording of the session
  • Getting to know other like-minded people in a safe and confidential environment.