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Working with the Nodal Story

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Working with the Nodal story – The Magical story of the Souls Request

Working with the Astrological Nodes in the chart is like accessing a portal, a place that taps us into our souls journey and the place in the cosmos that connects us to a greater sense of our divine self

The Nodes symbolise the feeling memory or heart memory that we bring in with us and imprints that we bring forward to work on in this life time, what is it that we need to repeat so we can grow during this incarnation. Approaching the chart in this way is like a bullseye to the core Soul concerns and resolutions.

Each month we will conduct a session to discover just how to create this approach in a way that is supportive and healing for ourselves and those we are working with.

* The nodal story is a monthly group that meets the last Sunday of each month, please enquiry for more details around pricing and processes for this group.