Sacred Sites Tours

Experiencing Greece in a truly unique way as you journey through the sacred sites, crystal blue waters and Greek myths in these 14 day boutique trips.

Australian Bush Flowers

Connecting As above, So below, planets with plants… Healing the emotional, mental, spiritual & physical bodies, releasing blockages, and restoring harmony and balance

Astrology Sessions

Astrology provides clarity and understanding into the souls mission, guiding us towards our fullest potential to be our most authentic selves

International Speakers and Events

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Learn Astrology

Astrology is a gift that privileges our lives, whether you want to learn astrology for self-awareness or you want to be a professional astrologer select from one on one mentoring, group sessions, workshops and soon certificate courses.

My name is Lisa, I am a passionate and dedicated Evolutionary Astrologer, Teacher, Counsellor, Mentor & Australian Bush Flower Practitioner.

My aim is to support you at whatever point you may be at on your life’s journey helping to provide insight, self-awareness and growth, developing the potential that each and every one of us contains within us.

At Aquarius Rising, we believe that every client is unique, each on their own journey of growth and life lessons to discover & embrace. With this in mind, every individual is nurtured and respected in a confidential, safe and caring environment, allowing a sacred space to be created.

I've placed a short video here so I can share with you, what is Evolutionary Astrology & how I like to work within my practice. I encourage you to take a look…

There are many benefits to the services offered; here are some of the advantages…

  • Working with your life purpose
  • Gain understanding to overcome your challenges and develop your strengths
  • Understand the dynamics between you and those closest to you
  • Unlock your potential around vocation and life path
  • Our place in our family system
  • Looking at where we are heading, working best with what is offered to us and getting the timing right.

"I always look forward to the one to one sessions with Lisa, it is a great way to learn astrology and I love the evolutionary approach, it has given me so many deep insights into my nature.  Lisa is a very warm hearted, generous and compassionate mentor and friend..."

Pauline, SYDNEY