About Aquarius Rising

Meet Lisa, your Astrologer and Teacher!

Lisa is a passionate Astrologer, Teacher, Counsellor and Australian Bush flower Practitioner and she has a lifetime love of Astrology and related modalities. Amongst some of her training, Lisa has completed qualifications through Astro Synthesis (Melbourne), Master level through the Steven Forrest Astrology program, she has a diploma in Counselling and Group work and advanced certificates with Australian Bush Flower Therapies. Lisa is now also a tutor at the Forrest Centre for Evolutionary where she tutors all levels within the school’s curriculum.

Lisa coordinates unique astrological retreats, having run Steven Forrest’s apprenticeship program in both Australia and Europe, working with other international astrologers here and overseas, and taking part in various conferences as a speaker herself.

She is also passionate about the Sacred Site Tours that she guides in Greece, with a maximum of 10 pilgrims, exploring astrology, Greek myth with the Gods and Goddesses, these journeys are not only insightful but also a lot of fun, good food and connection.

Her practice is based on the East Coast of Australia, where she consults, runs online and face to face workshops, as well as teaching and mentoring Astrology for self-awareness and those seeking to build their astrological practices. Over the past few years, Lisa has also been the representative for OPA here in Australia.

Lisa is the Australian Representative for The Organisation of Professional Astrologers (OPA) and a member of The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA).

“I always look forward to the one to one sessions with Lisa, it is a great way to learn astrology and I love the evolutionary approach, it has given me so many deep insights into my nature.  Lisa is a very warm hearted, generous and compassionate mentor and friend…”

Pauline, SYDNEY