What is Evolutionary Astrology?

Evolutionary Astrology put in simple terms is the study of the planets; their energy and position they take in the sky at the time you are born. Astrology is an ancient science, it’s metaphysical, mythological, mathematical, spiritual and ties all the threads of the cosmos to our souls and its requests. Astrology has passed the tests of time and has been practiced through the ages and in many cultures. It was soon recognized that not only the moon, which has a huge pull on the planet, waters and tides, but that all the planets had a vibrational connection.

So, we have a birth chart from the moment we are born, this chart can be referred to in different ways, it’s our road map or our blueprint, the one I particularly like is our lesson plan, I mean, if we don’t know how to do something, than often we take lessons in it to learn, to drive a car, or play an instrument, or even learn a language.

“Lisa is a pioneer in Evolutionary Astrology in Australia, a skilled astrologer and instructor.  As a professional organiser, over many years, her world class events featuring exceptional Australian and international Astrologer have had measurable success with attendees returning again and again year after year, such success doesn’t happen by chance.”

Murray Beauchamp, Evolutionary Astrologer and published author of “The Cryptic Cycle -Astrology” and “The Lunar Saros”


Our natal chart is our soul’s lesson plan! We have our chart from the moment we are born, and if this chart, this lesson plan is not random, which I don’t believe it is, then what may have occurred before we are born for us to have the chart that we have…

I believe that before that fated moment, before we descend from the heavens into our physical form, our soul asks its angels “Give me every experience I require to learn every lesson possible to grow to my fullest potential” which is what the word evolution means “to grow”. We are now ready to work with our karma that has ripened, what now needs to be repeated so we are able to work on what we have not been able to resolve or complete in previous life times.

There are many parts to the whole, and all those parts are tied in with the lesson plan, the inner dialogues and the fullest potential we are capable of, Evolutionary Astrology is a soulful approach that focuses on not only the growth of our chart, but why we have chosen to have the chart we have. Through developing our understanding, we become more aware, more conscious, we can make better decisions and connect into a higher awareness that all leads to a for filling and meaningful life.


Benefits to Working With our Chart

So, what are the benefits to working with our chart, and even more specific, from an evolutionary perspective?

  • To evolve is to grow, as we “grow” and become more aware, more conscious, this process supports us to gain understanding into who we are and helps to withdraw, self-judgement and self-criticism, to access our truth and connections to the universal flow.
  • Synchronicity and divine timing are truly remarkable! Everything that is presented to us happens for a reason, and is all precisely worked out from the moment we are born, we are also never presented anything that we are not ready for. Everything that we are offered is designed uniquely for us, on our journeys, and is all part of the keys to helps us to understand and identify the soul’s evolutionary lessons.
  • We don’t only evolve throughout a singular lifetime; the soul carries forward the sum total of many incarnations, and repeats in our current life what we require to work on, what has been left unresolved or incomplete. The soul feeling memory comes in to work on this, its not head memory, its feeling memory which, its in the soul DNA, and is powerful and potent part of who we are and what we have come in to heal.
  • Often people ask “is my chart OK” or “is it good or bad” Well the good news is, its perfect! As we have asked for the exact chart we have, and everything we need to grow to our fullest potential. We have free will of course, but the more we chose to walk on a more conscious path, the more we are open to the symbols that show us the way and to acknowledge we are all 100% responsible for where we are on our life path.
  • Evolutionary Astrology is a gift, it offers a very important question… which is WHY do I have the chart that I have? Why have I asked to have the Sun in Sagittarius or the Moon in Capricorn? Why do I have an emphasis of 2nd house planets, or a group of planets in the same sign? By getting to the understanding of WHY? It can help us to truly gain insight into just what it is we are here to work on. What have I not once had through previous incarnations that in this life time this is what I am here to grow and develop.