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An Astrological Odyssey in Greece with Steven Forrest

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Steven Forrest April 24 - May 7 Download Brochure

Finding the Heart of the Birth Chart

Conference in Athens April 24th to April 29th
Sacred Site Journey April 29th to May 7th

This is a two part event, conference in Athens & Sacred Site trip, these can be booked as one package or individually

Why do you have the astrological chart that you have? As soon as we ask that question, we leave the dreary world of merely cataloging “personality traits” and enter the dynamic world of evolutionary astrology. In this system, it is your fate to face the questions and certain possibilities in this lifetime. Beyond that, we have no use for the word “fate” at all. Instead, the power of your magic, your choices, and your intentions takes over, and they are pitted against old karmic reflexes that might otherwise imprison you in looping, dead end patterns of behavior rooted in unresolved hurts from prior life times.

In this four day program, join astrologer Steven Forrest as we bring this empowering form of astrology to life. Steven will begin with a brief overview of his interpretive strategies. During the bulk of the program, working in a master class format, we will simply draw the names of (voluntary) class members, put their charts up on the screen, and dive into the process of translating the message of the ancient symbols into plain, helpful English. We will intersperse the chart reading with wide-open question and answer periods.

This will be a live event, so prepare to learn not only with your mind, but also with your heart, your soul and the wisdom of your own body.

Steve, Catie, and Lisa are delighted to welcome you to the ancient city of Athens and the sacred places in Greece. You will begin your journey in Athens as we submerge ourselves over four days of Steven Forrest magic as we decode the sacred contact of our souls’ healing intentions. Then we will journey together as pilgrims as we board our ancient chariot (Mercedes bus) and evoke the Gods and Goddesses, as we travel together on this sacred journey.

Terms and Conditions

  • These trips are 100% transferable in the event of a global situation (pandemic, warfare or other such event)
  • A non refundable deposit of *€850 required on booking
  • 50% cancellation fee is chargeable six months prior to commencement
  • 75% cancellation fee chargeable four months prior to commencement
  • 100% cancellation fee chargeable two months prior to commencement
  • Travel insurance is essential
  • *Payment Plans available on all Packages

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