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Certificate in Astrological Studies

Course in Astrological Studies in NSW - Learn Astrology

Commencing in 2025

Lisa is thrilled to be preparing our unique, in-depth online certificate course in Astrology, focusing on Evolutionary principles and techniques, as well as incorporating some modern astrological foundations.

Whether you wish to understand your own life, family patterns, friends or you work with clients, astrology can offer you many dimensions of understanding and insights into what we have asked to heal and resolve in this lifetime.

Astrology is the most wonderful tool for understanding and self-discovery, it is a gift that offers many keys and opens many doors, understanding your fullest potential and developing the most authentic version of yourself, growing in confidence and developing your perspective and approach to your life and the people in it.

Learning astrology is a gift, it chooses you, and is possibly the most valuable tool you will ever experience, from the imprints of our basic personality function, the need to embrace the energies and dialogues that dwell within, asking to be nurtured and nourished, to the understanding of the most invaluable soul imprints we carry, based on our soul contract.

This certificate course offers you a strong foundation that will supply all the tools required to be an ethical and professional astrologer.  Lessons will be accessed via zoom face to face as well as through a secure learning platform that is accessed via the website.  Lessons will be also provided in a recorded form, with assessments and assignments for each module.

Accompanying inspiring, creative presentations to enhance and support your learning style, course notes, reading recommendations and on line support is provided to all students

Whether you want to be developing your self-awareness or wanting to develop yourself as a professional astrologer, each 10 week block can be done as a standalone feature or a part of the certificate course.

Year one and two each contains four modules, and each module is eight to ten weeks in duration, there is also an optional third year for graduate students which is currently being developed.

For more information on any aspect of the certification please contact Lisa.

Course Commences 2024

General Course Info

The course is well structured offering various ways of learning and interacting, through course notes, videos and online interaction, assessment tasks and feedback. Whether you want to be developing your self awareness or wanting to develop yourself as a professional astrologer, Each 10 week block can be done as a standalone feature or a part of the certificate course.

There are 4 modules to year 1 and 4 modules to year 2 of the full certificate course.

Course starting in 2024. Dates to be advised.
Investment AU$550.00 per module

Course in Astrological Studies in NSW - Learn Astrology

Year One

Module 1. Lets get Acquainted, The Building Blocks

Elements, Modalities, Signs and Polarities are the fundamental building blocks for everything astrological, in this module, we will develop a personal relationship with these energies, understanding what makes them tick and the many threads that tie them together.

At the completion of this level, we will have developed an intimate relationship with these personalities and what their many facets, strengths and shadows are.

Module 2.  The Gods speak, Let the Games Begin

The planets are powerful entities, they represent the gods and their many urges and evolving potential, creating a strong presence and are the main players when it comes to the complexities of our being.  Understanding these forces, energetically, psychologically and evolutionarily is crucial to our ability to join the dots.

In this module, we now embrace these factors, gaining understanding in the cycles, patterns and expressions of these planets, and what the intention may be behind the reason we have asked for these placements.  Planetary expression and our perspective gives the insight and helps us to understand where we stand in relation to the planetary energies and cosmic journey we are on, giving more focus on what our karmic patterns are and how we continue to heal them.

Module 3. The 12 Stages of Life, Lights, Camera, Action!

So now we jump into a new arena, the houses, here we learn to understand each arena and where the action is! Planets do not land here randomly! They are strategically placed to give us all the experiences required to express the power of everything we have learned to thus far.  The rulers give us a wonderful understanding of where in life our greatest experiences will be played out, understanding the waters that we will be swimming in and the setting we may encounter is rich and perceptive.

Over the coming weeks we will explore not only the houses, but their landlords and the condition they are in and how the stage and its settings can be seen due to the changing scenes of our lives.

Module 4. Joining the dots, The bigger picture

Fundamentals, Signs, Planets & Houses… Now what?  All these ingredients, now we need to know just how we blend them.  Of course, blending and interpretation isn’t learnt overnight  as we develop our own approach and techniques over many years.

In this module we will be working on our own charts and charts of those that give permission to gain understanding into how to apply everything we have learnt so far.  A video presentation of working with your client will be part of the final exam for this year.

What You Will Receive…

  • Each participant will receive full access to the learning platform and guidance material, workbook, face to face class time, video sessions and relevant suggested reading material.
  • Self-awareness students have self-reflection exercises.
  • Certificate students have assessments due at the end of each module and final exam at the end of each year.
Please contact Lisa to receive more information and our year two program.