Red Lily

Red Lily

I am focused and grounded and lining in the now.

The Red Lily, scientifically known as “Lilium pumilum,” is a captivating member of Australia’s diverse array of bush flowers. With its striking crimson petals and graceful form, the Red Lily stands out as a symbol of beauty and resilience in the Australian landscape.

The essence of the Red Lily is believed to carry qualities of courage, strength, and transformation. It is often sought after by individuals navigating periods of transition or facing inner challenges. Just as the Red Lily blooms vibrantly amidst the harsh conditions of the Australian bush, its essence is said to instill resilience and perseverance in those who use it.

Astrological Archetype: Pisces

 Positive Outcome:

✔️ Grounded
✔️ Focused
✔️ Living in the present

Negative Condition:

✔️ Vague
✔️ Split
✔️ Disconnected