Astrology Programs for the Apprentice - Self Awareness and insight

Studying astrology promotes, self-awareness, personal growth, acceptance of self and those close to us, wisdom and consciousness.  Giving us opportunity to work with family systems, supporting parenting styles, working with anxiety, relationships, vocation and more.


These courses are designed to support you to grow your understanding of self through astrological insight and exploration, you do not need any prior learning, suitable for all learning styles, from beginners through to intermediate.

Working with the Moon

The Moon is a tender and sensitive incubator for all the nuances and experiences we hold within us, she lights up the night sky and illuminates our inner world, she is responsible for the tides and cradles our emotional world.

Join me for an insightful journey into The Moon her phases, and intimate relationship with our inner world and the power she offers us when we embrace her light...

In this workshop, we will look at the moon through the elements, signs and houses, what she symbolizes as well as the personality function of the moon phase in our chart.

We will also look at how to work with the new moon and the full moon each month.




The Fundamentals of Astrology - The Elements 

In our time together, Lisa will explore the foundations that are our operating system and personality type, giving insight into how we function as well as helpful information around our health and wellbeing.


The Elements and modalities are fundamental to the understanding of what drives us as well as what we have come in to learn and work with, looking at our own personal makeup is supportive to our growth.


In this 3 hours online workshop we will work together and in breakout groups and to explore this wonderful aspect of astrology, prior learning required, just to be open, learn in a confidential and fun environment.




The Asteroid Goddesses Series - Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena, Juno, Ceres, Vesta and Hygeia are all powerful goddesses and they all take a place within our astrology Chart.

In this online workshop we get up close and personal with the goddess Pallas Athena, looking at not only the  greek mythology and complexities, and of her many gifts and talents, but what she brings to our chart astrologically.

We will explore how she functions through the signs and the houses and how we can best harness her superpowers in our astrological charts.





Working with our Sun, Moon and Ascendant

The Sun is the centre of our solar system, without it, there would be no light, likewise The Sun is our centre, a shining light. The moon is also a primary part of our lives in many ways, she operates in a very subtle, yet powerful way, togehter like the king and queen, as different as day and night.  The ascendant (or rising sign) where all the light of our chart shines through and is what we utilize to protect ourselves like our battle shield.

In this workshop we will work with these 3 primary forces, to gain understanding into our yin and yang and how these to very important pieces of self, work together, both amplifying the strengths and working with our challenges supporting us to see how we can the grow from understanding their expressions and interactions



Chiron, and our healing Journey

In Greek mythology Chiron is a gentle healer, herbalist, teacher and astrologer.

In our Astrology chart, Chiron offers us many gifts into how we can heal our deepest wounds and vulnerable pieces our soul remembers.

This workshop we work together to look at the imprints of Chiron in our lives and how we can best understand what is required to support us to heal.

We will explore the myth of Chiron as well as through the elements, signs and houses




I've enjoyed being part of an ongoing small group astrology workshop led by Lisa.  Her warm hearted intelligent approach makes them great fun, educational and inspiring


Online Courses

Astrology studies from the apprentice to the master - certificate and masters classes


Certificate in Astrological Studies

Aquarius Rising is thrilled to be preparing our unique and indepth online certificate course in Astrology, focusing on Evolutionary principles and techniques.

Whether you wish to understand your own life or family patterns, friends or work with clients, Astrology can offer you so many dimensions of understanding and insights into what we have asked for in this life time.

Astrology is the most wonderful tool for understanding and self discovery, it is a gift that offers many keys and opens many doors.  Understanding your fullest potential and developing the most authentic version of yourself, growing in confidence and developing your perspective and approach to your life and the people in it.

Learning astrology is a gift, it chooses us, and is possibly the most valuable self awareness tool you will ever experience, from the imprints of our basic personality function, the need to embrace the energies and dialogues that dwell within us asking to be nurtured and nourished, to the understanding of the most invaluable soul imprints we carry.

The course is well structured offering various ways of learning and interacting, through course notes, videos and online interaction, assessment tasks and feedback.

Whether you want to be developing your self awareness or wanting to develop yourself as a professional astrologer, Each 10 week block can be done as a standalone feature or a part of the certificate course.

There are 4 modules to year 1 and 4 modules to year 2 of the full certificate course.

Course commences Early 2024

Investment AU$ 450.00 per module

Module 1. Lets get Acquainted, The Building Blocks

Elements, Modalities, Signs and Polarities are the fundamental building blocks for everything astrological, in this module, we will develop a personal relationship with these energies, understanding what makes them tick and the many threads that tie them together.

At the completion of this level, we will of developed an intimate relationship with these personalities and what their many facets, strengths and shadows.


Module 2.  The Gods speak, Let the Games Begin

The planets in the chart create a strong presence and are the main players when it comes to the complexities of our being.  Understanding these forces, energetically, psychologically and evolutionary is crucial to our ability to join the dots.

In this module, we now embrace these factors, gaining understanding in what makes us tick, and what the intention may be behind the reason we have asked for these placements.  Planetary expression and our perspective and the insight gained here, helps us to understand where we stand in relation to the cosmic journey we are on, how we may of arrived here and where we are headed.


Module 3. The 12 Stages of life, Lights, Camera, Action!

The houses and their rulers give us a wonderful understanding of where in life our greatest experiences will be played out, understanding the waters that we will be swimming in and the setting we may encounter is rich and insightful.

Over the coming weeks we will explore not only the houses, but their landlords and the condition they are in and how the stage and its settings can be seen due to the changing scenes of our lives.


Module 4. Joining the dots, The bigger picture

Fundamentals, Signs, Planets & Houses… Now what?  All these ingredients, now we need to know just how we blend them.  Of course, blending and interpretation isn’t learnt overnight, as we develop our own approach and techniques.

In this module we will be working on our own charts and charts of those that give permission to gain understanding into how to apply everything we have learnt so far.


What you will receive…

Each participant will receive a workbook, face to face class time, video sessions and relevant reading material.

Self-awareness students have self-reflection exercises

Certificate students have assessments due at the end of each module

Please contact Lisa to receive more information and year twos program


lisa teaching

Master Classes

Working with the Nodal story - The Magical story of the Souls request *

Runs the last Sunday of each month


Working with the Astrological Nodes in the chart is like accessing a portal, a place that taps us into our souls journey and the place in the cosmos that connects us to a greater sense of our divine self

The Nodes symbolize the feeling memory or heart memory that we bring in with us and imprints that we bring forward to work on in this life time, what is it that we need to repeat so we can grow during this incarnation.  Approaching the chart in this way is like a bullseye to the core Soul concerns and resolutions.

Each month we will conduct a session to discover just how to create this approach in a way that is supportive and healing for ourselves and those we are working with.

Working with the Solar Return chart - Hip Hip Hooray
Commences April 2023

Working with the Solar Return Chart is a magical way to gain insight and understanding into what the spotlight may be on this year, the arena that it may be played out in, and what internal changes may come about due to these offerings.

Solar returns can be worked on independently, but in my experience the richest images come from comparing both charts (Natal and Solar) to gain a true experience of what this year will offer you in relation to where you are at on your cosmic journey so far

We will work on our most current Solar Returns during this 6 week period.

Working with the chart

The Bigger picture of Synthesis – Commences 2023

Astrology is a vast and rich topic that is like an endless jigsaw puzzle! It is a complex subject, but that is not to say it needs to be complicated.  Astrology is like a road map, and like most maps, when we learn to read them properly, we can navigate ourselves to the exact point in which we are heading.

Now, this seems to be where we come to cross roads, how do we read the map or speak the language, how do we interpret the meaning in a way that is supportive to those we are guiding, how do we get out of our heads and trust the symbols!  During our time together we will look at just how to join all the dots in a way that is both simple yet profound.

Working with the 4th, 8th and 12th houses

The 4th, 8th and 12th houses can be very much “misunderstood” areas of the Astrological story, these 3 stages of life are invaluable pieces of understanding when it comes to the family systems and ancestral achieves that lies within the mystery of our family stories.

As we submerge ourselves in the familial terrain, we gain insight into not only our place in the family but the soul of our family and ancestral legacies.

Over the course we will navigate these houses through diving into the waters of family soul and uncover some of the jewels on offer from the wise souls that have gone before us.


$450 per module (5 or 6 sessions per module)

This includes notes, charts and recording of the session

Getting to know other like-minded people in a safe and confidential environment.

*The nodal story is a monthly group that meets the last Sunday of each month, please enquiry for more details around pricing and processes for this group

I have been so fortunate to attend regular astrology workshops with Lisa. 

Lisa is deeply intuitive and she applies this intuition with her knowledge of Astrology with wonderful results. So many insights every time we meet!

Cheryl, SYDNEY


The Alchemy of Australian Bush flower essences & Astrological archetypes

Alchemy:  “meaning a process that is so effective that is seems like magic, managing by some extraordinary alchemy, to turn simplest ingredients into something very special”

Australian Bush Flower Essences:  “the vibrational essence infused with the natural healing qualities of the flowers imprint”

Astrology:  “The sacred contract of the soul, to evolve is to grow to your fullest potential in this lifetime.

Combining the power of as above so below we can make magic can happen!

In this 10-week course we will explore the signatures of the flowers gaining understanding into their energetic make up and imprints.

We will explore the first three chakras and their relationships to these flowers

As well as gaining clarity into the correlating Astrological archetypes and their patterns in relation to the flowers and chakras.

Over the 10 weeks, we will explore how to work creatively with essences both independently as well as combining the astrological archetypes that match these vibrations.  We will consider many elements of these two ancient crafts by working on incorporating our intuition, feelings wisdom and knowledge.

For this level one course an enthusiasm to learn is essential, as basic knowledge of astrology may be an advantage but is not essential.

Course includes workbook with notes, live face to face group sessions (recording provided) and a flower essence and journal to use over the course of the ten weeks)

Contact Lisa for more details or to register


Astrology and Australian Bush Flower Remedies, what a combination!.  Currently going through some tough times emotionally.  The bush flower mixes have been a tremendous help.  They have supported me to cope on the darkest days.  Linking Astrology with these fantastic remedies has certainly given me direction and hope, just amazing!!