Vesta, Our Guiding Light

Discovered 29th March 1807, by a German Astrologer, she is the second largest Asteroid, and in keeping with her symbology, is also the brightest, and the only asteroid that is visible with the naked eye, she takes three and a half years to complete a cycle of our charts.

Vesta, named after the Roman goddess (known to the Greeks as Hestia) played a main role of protecting the family and the home, Vesta was greatly worshipped by the Romans and her temple held great significance as it contained the sacred fire. It was the responsibilities of the priestesses to tend to it, keeping the fire burning continuously. (It was believed that for as long as the fire was lit, Rome would be protected).

The priestesses were young woman aged between six and ten years old, chosen by the head priest, they had to be free of all physical and other deformity, and had to agree to be virgins until the age of thirty, after which they would be allowed to leave.

Symbol of a Vessel of Fire

In our astrology chart she is depicted by the symbol of a vessel of fire, Vesta has a great deal to offer us, she is associated with dedication and retreat, like the Roman temples, it is part of our commitment to keep our inner flame burning brightly, and like the priestess, be dedicated to championing our own cause.

She brings to the chart a nun like dedication, a need to be fully committed to where she shines her light, allowing our inner flame to burn strongly, giving us the spark of life seeded in our birth chart.  Vesta inspires us to allow our light to shine, giving us joy in our accomplishments, our goals and lighting the way to make our dreams our reality.

Vesta’s strength shows that even in our darkest times the inner spark to survive can guides us and lead to the joy and recognition of what is important to us, and what we came here to honour on a soul contractual perspective.  She is also strongly connected to our spiritual service and practises, the need for solitude and can be associated with the need and feelings of being alone.  Vesta supports our quest to following our calling, and honour what is right for YOU.

She can be connected to celibacy, alienation, sorrow and looks towards guiding us towards purity of purpose.  So, Vesta asks us, where do you need to nourish your flame? And in what way are you looking to shine a light on your cause?

At the time of writing this we find Vesta travelling with Jupiter in the sign of Aries, providing nourishment both collectively and personally, she will be here until April 16th when she will slip into the sign of Taurus.

Let’s reflect for just a moment on how we may be feeling her in the archetype of Aries. Certainly, she will be championing the cause, igniting the spark of courage, confidence and independence. In this cardinal fire sign, Vesta’s torch burns strongly, supporting us to perhaps face our challenges, and rekindle a newfound strength and self-reliance to charge forward in with a refreshed and renewed approach.

Wherever this trail may be blazing, may be where are you being asked to light the way forward? Where are you seeking to create a new spark and dedicate your attention?  Teamed up with Jupiter she can be open to new opportunities to expand and develop a new sense of faith in oneself.  Have you been underestimating yourself? If so, this could be the perfect opportunity to follow the path that lights up in front of you as this powerful combo ignites endless possibilities around seeing a bigger picture, developing your belief systems and getting on board.

Enjoy the beauty the Vesta offers you, keep your flame lit and follow you light.

Any questions of thoughts around Vesta in your chart, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.