Flannel Flower

Flannel Flower

I am playful and open, I embrace gentleness and sensitivity.

The Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi) is an iconic Australian native plant known for its delicate beauty and symbolic significance. It is native to eastern Australia and is particularly prevalent in New South Wales. The name “Flannel Flower” is derived from the soft, velvety texture of its white petals, which resemble the texture of flannel fabric.

Flannel Flower essence is believed to possess energetic qualities that can help individuals connect with their inner child, release emotional barriers, and foster a sense of joy and playfulness. It is often used to support inner healing processes, promote emotional balance, and enhance spiritual growth.

Astrological Archetype: Cancer

 Positive Outcome:

✔️ Gentleness and sensitivity in touching
✔️ Trust
✔️ Playful
✔️ Joy in expression
✔️ Openness

Negative Condition:

✔️ Dislike of being touched
✔️ Lack of sensitivity in males
✔️ Uncomfortable with intimacy