I clear out old emotion patterns and heal the mother within

Bottlebrush, known scientifically as Callistemon, is a genus of flowering plants native to Australia, particularly abundant along the eastern and southern coastlines. These plants are renowned for their distinctive cylindrical flower spikes, which closely resemble a bottle brush, hence the common name.

Bottlebrush essence has gained popularity in alternative medicine and holistic practices. In contemporary flower essence therapy, Bottlebrush essence is believed to offer emotional support, particularly for those experiencing transitions or feelings of overwhelm. It is often associated with helping individuals adapt to new phases in life, fostering resilience, flexibility, and a sense of inner balance.

Astrological Archetype: Cancer

 Positive Outcome:

✔️ Serenity and Calm
✔️ Strengthening and letting go
✔️ Mother-child bonding

Negative Condition:

✔️ Unresolved mother issues
✔️ Overwhelmed by major life changes
✔️ Feeling and emotions stuck