Astrological Archetypes and Australian Bush Flower Essences

Bush Flower Essences in Newcastle and Nelson Bay NSW

As above, so below, words that many of us are familiar with, and when reflecting on the combination of archetypes and essences, the alchemy of planets and plants certainly feels like a beautiful expression of just that.

Put simply, bush flower essences are a vibrational form of medicine, the essence of the flower is extracted in a ritualistic and sacred process that creates the flowers mother tincture, which is used to create stock bottles, which are used by practitioners, to create remedies which are then taken orally.

Let me share a little more…

Working on the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies allows us to connect with the healing essence of the flower, which in turn helps balancing the negative patterns held in the souls DNA.  Hence giving us a beautiful opportunity to release blockages and restore harmony and balance, providing us the gentleness, courage and will to open up and follow our hearts. (And soul!)

When we combine these two very powerful ancient forms of wisdom, we create an alchemy that offers endless possibilities, supporting the soul’s intention, by working with the root of the imbalance gently and naturally guiding us to our fullest potential, as seeded in our soul’s contract, as requested by yours truly! You!

The universe and her infinite wisdom and relationship with the planet and everything on it, continuously guides us on how to work with her beauty in the highest way, blending these two modalities is magical and has many benefits.

As we learn to understand the healing qualities that astrology gifts us, so can we understand the flowers, through the healing properties of the plant, starting with its visual appearance, colour, texture and number of petals, this is called the doctrine of signatures, natures ways of showing us on first sight what this beautiful flower or plant has to offer us.

These essential properties, call out, they represent configurations of energy and archetypes and that this also corresponds to the pattern in the planets and our natal charts, understanding the astrological patterns, threads and vibrational signatures and blending them together with the essences,  is beyond powerful.

You may be asking at this point, how do they work?, so let me give a brief explanation, flower essences are absorbed very quickly into the bloodstream, they work through the circulatory and nervous systems, the essences move to the meridians and work in conjunction with subtle bodies, emotions, mind, spiritual and of course in turn the physical.  This process magnifies the energy, potency and aiding assimilation, reaching the out of balance part of the body effectively.

There are 69 Australian bush flower essences, each one correlating to an archetype, planet, house and chakra, each one just like our astrological imprint, vibrating on a particular frequency, and connecting in a way we can simply and effectively bring in balance.

So, for example, Old man banksia is and ABFE, visually it is a stocky, solid flower that has a thick core from which it grows, and appears strong and well grounded.

Working on challenges around feeling weary or going through periods of “heavy going” when we may be feeling sluggish and hard to move forward.  Some of the outcomes we may expect when working with this essence are renewed enthusiasm, interest in life, creating a renewed spark, it is also the flower that is related on a physical level to the thyroid and our metabolic rate.

Old Man Banksia is a Taurus Flower

Now, let’s add an astrological layer, when we understand that old man banksia is a Taurus flower, that also correlates to Venus, the second house and the sacral chakra, imagine how you may be able to support a friend or client with this combo of astrological wisdom, and connection to mother nature!

You hear your friend share that they feel stuck in a rut, flat, lacking enthusiasm, they are looking for ways to create a new direction, feeling unable to do so themselves.  Perhaps they are experiencing a major transit to their Taurus Sun or Moon, or an angle where Taurus lies? Perhaps over the past months weight has been hard to shift due to holding on to outdated themes that equates to physical weight gain, during this challenging period.

I think by now you are following me, this essence (sometimes taken individually, sometimes in conjunction with other flowers) will support the individual to shift the blockages bringing awareness to the underlying patterns and releasing them, freeing us up emotionally, mentally spiritually or physically.

Another example could be using essence Boab, this is a wonderful essence for dissolving ancient wounds and family patterns, so no surprise this essence is connected to the moon and the archetype of cancer, the base chakra and the IC, or anything related to the nodal story and 12th house. Used in conjunction with these areas being strong in the natal chart, activated or triggered by transits or progressions, can bring opportunity to release these old patterns, allowing us to surrender these patterns, both individually and family wounds, becoming a pattern breaker for the incomplete work of our ancestors as well as breaking the patterns for the generations to come.

The Boab tree, looking like something our ancestors once lived in! having a home or house like appearance, standing the tests of time, as these trees can live up to 3000 years, the branches looking like the many branches of the family.

Needless to say, these words are just a small introduction into this immense  topic in which there is a great deal to explore, I have found through my own experiences, my family, and business practice, this alchemy is healing and empowering, tying together many roots, threads and themes that are so strongly connected to as above so below.

I welcome you to send me any questions or reflections, please don’t hesitate to find out more about any of the essences or astrological alchemy.