Astrological Consultations

Every soul’s journey is unique; Astrology is a key to understand not only our self, but the many patterns that dwell within us. Self-awareness, understanding and growth, both psychological and evolutionary are contained within the birth chart, enhancing our connections to both ourselves, family and our connection to the threads that tie us to the universal energy of the cosmos.
The position of the planets are not random, every planetary placement in the chart is preciously positioned by the universe and the souls intention in our continuing journey in this life time and the karma that we are ready to embrace.

Astrological Consultations are available via zoom, skype and face to face
Please see below for the varied astrological consultations available.


Natal Chart

The Natal chart is a view of the planetary placements at the moment of your birth; this chart guides us to understand our life’s lessons, to know what nutrients we require to support our fullest evolutionary potential. There are many parts that make the whole, and within us, there are many dialogues and conversations, Gaining insight into these pieces of ourselves increases our self-awareness and understanding of the personality, our strengths and challenges, looking at why we have choosen the chart we have answers many questions as well as validation of where we are at on our path in this lifetime.

Insightful & supportive

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Transits & Progressions

Throughout our life time we do many dances with the planetary patterns as they weave their orbit around our charts. During this time are offered opportunities and tools to grow, synchronistical designed before we take our physical form. The planets movement through the sky touch us in many ways that most of us are physically unaware of, but emotionally, mentally & spiritually, we are experiencing their energies every moment of every day. The movement of the planets through sky are continually interacting with us supporting our evolutionary growth. This chart is recommended during periods that we may be looking for clarity around what is being asked of us, and how we can respond in the most positive way to the gifts from the gods based on our contract and for our soul’s growth and betterment.

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Nodal Analysis

The birth chart is not a random occurrence, where planets, signs and houses fall anywhere, with no reason or purpose.

Should this be true, and we have had the chart we have from the moment of our birth, what has occurred before our birth for us to have the chart we have?

The soul’s journey encompasses many life times, in this consultation the focus is on our past life feeling memory and the soul’s journey into this life time and the patterns we have chosen to work with and what experiences our soul has asked for to help us reach this life time’s fullest potential.

Put simply our karma is about what we have asked to repeat in this life time? What is it that we are now ready to work with and on that we have not been unable to resolve in previous incarnations? The Karma that has ripened

The is a profound look at our past life essence and heart memory and the way forward this time around.

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Solar Return

Every year the Sun returns to its natal place of birth, hence the phrase “Many Happy Returns” giving us a snapshot of the coming year, its gifts, challenges, and ultimately our growth to come from the year ahead.

What will the spotlight be on in the coming year? What stage will the coming year be set on? What themes may I expect? What patterns will be repeated?

An insightful chart to give understanding into the year ahead and the possible soul growth that you may encounter by approaching the year by shining the light on what is being asked of us.

A great chart to have once a year, if possible around the time of your birthday

KAUFFMANN, Angelica_Retrato de una mujer como una vestal_205 (1930.129)

Relationship / Composite Charts

Relationships are forever changing and growing, and throughout their life cycle require support and to be feed.

Looking at the chart of you and your partner, or special relationship in your life, gives deep insight into both of you as individuals as well and the joint energy that is created when to people come together in the same shared space and create the entity that forms the relationship.

Understanding that we are 2 individuals that make up the “pair” our individual needs and desires, communication styles and values, helps tremendously as we both grow, needing to also support the needs of the ever growing relationship. What does the relationship/couple need to grow? What are their joint values? What is their karma? Are just a few of the areas we can look to support and grow.

A truly valuable chart to have done for all relationships.

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Childrens Charts

None of us can be perfect parents of grandparents, but imagine being able to understand a child’s needs, gifts and challenges in a new light. Seeing our children with a new perspective is a wonderful tool to support them and their development.

This chart can really give guidance and understanding into our children in a way we couldn’t of imagined, wonderful for anyone with children in their family or a beautiful gift for a new baby or parent

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 All consultations are available in person, via Skype or Zoom or as written reports

Initial consultation from; $250 (pensioner discounts available)

Follow up from; $125

Short Consultations (1 hour) $95

Session Bundles available

Personally Written report; POA

"I have been studying Evolutionary Astrology with Lisa since 2017. Lisa presents her classes in a deep, meaningful, fun and interactive way. Her knowledge, understanding and love of Astrology is boundless. Through Lisa's classes I have met like minded people and found a new understanding and acceptance of myself and those close to me."

Kerry, Raymond Terrace